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Books make the perfect travel companions. Children can enjoy puzzles, stickers and stories on the beach, in the car, on planes, or simply to fill a quiet moment.

Jenny Tyler

Jenny Tyler

Publishing Director Usborne

  • The Girl Who Couldn't Lie

    The Girl Who Couldn't Lie

    The Girl Who Couldn't Lie

    Age: 9+


    A fresh, funny story about white lies, brutal honesty and a bangle with special powers, from award-winning journalist and author Radhika Sanghani.

  • Royal Scandal

    Royal Scandal

    Royal Scandal

    Age: 12+


    When American teen Evan Bright came to live with her long-lost father - the actual king of England - she instantly became the most-hated member of the royal family.

    The vicious clickbait articles and backstabbing new relatives are tough enough, but now she's facing much scarier threats. 

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