Slot-together Dinosaurs

Abigail Wheatley

Age: 4+


Series: Slot-Together

Slot-together Dinosaurs

By: Abigail Wheatley

Illustrated by Neil Clark

Series : Slot-Together

Age 4+


Coming October 2024

This book isn't just a book. On five of the double-page spreads inside you'll find pre-cut pieces to pop out and slot together (following the simple instructions) into five sturdy model dinosaurs. Underneath each set of dinosaur pieces you'll find a bonus fact file with extra information about the featured dino. Slotting together the models helps with logic, following instructions and fine motor skills. Includes: T. rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus and Parasaurolophus.
12 pages
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Box containing a book and 6 x 170x170 cards with pop-out pieces that can be slotted together to form 6 dinosaurs
8.1 x 10.3in
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October 2024
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Abigail Wheatley
Growing up in Australia and the UK, Abigail often found herself covered in paint or flour, or lost in a book. After a BA in English and a PhD on Medieval Castles, she combined her interests writing Usborne children's books - from cookery, craft and castles to science and unicorns.

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Slot-together Dinosaurs