See Inside Space

Katie Daynes

Age: 6+


Series: See Inside

See Inside Space

By: Katie Daynes

Illustrated by Peter Allen

Series : See Inside

Age 6+


A flap book of astronomical proportions, packed with facts and information about the stars, planets and galaxies. Fabulous fold-outs reveal our solar system, and the universe and there's a little book of star maps tucked in on the last page. Explore how scientists made their amazing space discoveries and the latest space travel technology. Includes internet links to websites with the latest space information, games and photos.
12 pages
8.8 x 11.1in
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Publication Date:
December 2023
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Katie Daynes
Katie has been writing non-fiction children's books for almost half her life and loves questioning the world from a child's point of view. She's developed some of Usborne's bestselling series, including the See Inside books and Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers. When she's not writing, she likes drinking coffee, walking on the moors and playing competitive board games with her children.

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A colourful jaunt through the Universe, life, matter, elements and experimentation.

The Irish Times

A great introduction designed to stimulate further learning.

Publishing News

The snippets of information on each flap encourage children to delve deeper. With over 50 embedded flaps to lift, this sturdy board book will provide many hours of happy and informative browsing.

Parents in Touch

Another fantastic lift-the-flap book from Usborne. This book contains over 50 flaps for children to explore. The information is presented is both in depth and short making it engaging but not daunting. Each set of double pages contains one topic, making it a great book to dip in and out of.

Toppsta Reader Review

Fun comic-style illustrations and flaps to lift and open make this internet-linked title interactive and informative.

TBK Magazine

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See Inside Space