Wand Books: Unicorn Magic

Sam Taplin

Age: 6+ months


Series: Wand Books

Wand Books: Unicorn Magic

By: Sam Taplin

Illustrated by Joanne Partis

Series : Wand Books

Age 6+ months


Coming September 2024

YOU get to make the magic happen in this unique sound book. Each time you touch the wand to one of the special dots on the pages, you'll hear the the unicorns come to life. With beautiful music and evocative sounds, this is an interactive world you can be part of as you cast spells to invite all the different unicorns to the party at the end.

This book contains magnets or magnetic components. Magnet sticking together or becoming attached to a metallic object inside the human body can caused serious or fatal injury. Seek immediate medical help if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.

10 pages
7.9 x 7.9in
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Publication Date:
September 2024
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Sam Taplin
Sam Taplin grew up in a beautiful valley in Yorkshire, where he dreamed of being a writer, and after three years reading other people's books at university he started writing his own for Usborne. He's been doing it ever since. When he's not writing about lonely rabbits or inquisitive bears, he likes doing card tricks, writing songs and playing long games of chess by the fire.

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Wand Books: Unicorn Magic