Understanding Philosophy

Rachel Firth, Minna Lacey and Jordan Akpojaro

Age: 10+


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Understanding Philosophy

Rachel Firth, Minna Lacey and Jordan Akpojaro

Age 10+


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About this book
Philosophy is a way of thinking about just about anything. It asks big questions, such as "how can I be good?" or "what makes something beautiful?" Using lively examples, humorous illustrations and simple thought experiments, this book opens up the world of philosophy to children and adults with enquiring minds.

About this book

128 pages
6.7 x 9.4in
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Rachel Firth
Rachel spent 11 years studying and teaching philosophy at the universities of London and Oxford before joining Usborne. Since then she has written books on subjects ranging from knights, to food, to philosophy, as well as retelling folk stories, and writing children's versions of numerous novels.

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Minna Lacey
Since joining Usborne, Minna has written books on everything from pirates and gladiators to jungles and oceans. She studied Maths and Philosophy at university and previously worked as a journalist and illustrator in London, Bogota and New York. In her spare time, she loves writing stories, drawing and playing the guitar.

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Jordan Akpojaro
After he completed childhood, Jordan Akpojaro spent time getting rained on and dreaming about eating freshly picked fruit. He has worked on books about philosophy, coding and maps.

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Understanding Philosophy