Curriculum Exclusive Bees and Wasps

James Maclaine

Age: 4+


Series: Beginners

Curriculum Exclusive Bees and Wasps

By: James Maclaine

Illustrated by John Francis

Series : Beginners

Age 4+


Coming June 2024

What do bees and wasps eat? What type of nests do they make? How do bees make honey? Find out the answers and lots more in this intriguing introduction to the fascinating world of bees and wasps. Easy-to-read text is accompanied by full-colour photographs and step-by-step visual explanations. Includes internet links to exciting websites to find out more about bees and wasps.
32 pages
6.2 x 8.4in
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Publication Date:
June 2024
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James Maclaine
James Maclaine has written books about meerkats, general knowledge and manners, come up with countless drawing, doodling and colouring ideas, and devised puzzles and things to do for a range of activity books. His Junior Illustrated Thesaurus is the book that he wishes he'd had as a child.

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Curriculum Exclusive Bees and Wasps