Lift-the-flap Telling the Time

Rosie Hore

Age: 6+


Series: Lift-the-flap Maths

Lift-the-flap Telling the Time

By: Rosie Hore

Illustrated by Shaw Nielsen

Series : Lift-the-flap Maths

Age 6+


What does that clock say? When are 12 a.m. and 12 p.m.? And how long is a century? With bright illustrations, quirky characters and over 125 flaps to lift, this book makes learning about time easy and fun. It covers how to read ALL kinds of clocks, analogue and digital, and even with Roman numerals. It also explains how to use timetables and calendars, and related concepts and vocabulary - such as what is a fortnight, a decade or how many days there are in a leap year. At the end, a specially engineered page lets readers assemble a clock with moving hands, which they can use to practise their skills in a time-telling challenge.
16 pages
8.8 x 11.0in
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Publication Date:
November 2023
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Rosie Hore
Rosie studied Politics and International Relations at university and then went on to write books for Usborne. She now works at the Royal Academy of Arts, editing books about art (which often end up being about politics too).

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