Extreme Planet: The Deep

Laura Cowan

Age: 7+


Series: Extreme Planet

Extreme Planet: The Deep

Laura Cowan

Illustrated by Qu Lan

Age 7+

Are you brave enough to delve into the chilling darkness of... THE DEEP? With no light, no heat and miles of sea above you, it might be the strangest, most extreme place on Earth. So, climb inside the submersible and plunge deep down beneath the sunlit surface where you'll discover disturbing and unusual creatures, explore alien-looking worlds and visit the deepest place in the entire ocean, all in this weird and wonderful flap book.
16 pages
8.7 x 11.1in
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Publication Date:
February 2024
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Laura Cowan
Laura studied literature twice at university, so she's read a lot of books (always helpful when writing them). Before joining Usborne, she taught English in Barcelona, Dublin and Cambridge. She now lives in East London, where she regrets the lack of sun and sea.

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Extreme Planet: The Deep