Write and Design Your Own Magazines

Sarah Hull

Age: 8+


Series: Write Your Own

Write and Design Your Own Magazines

By: Sarah Hull

Illustrated by Various

Series : Write Your Own

Age 8+


Making magazines is fun and easy - and this marvellous guide offers advice every step of the way. Learn how to write 5-star reviews and intriguing articles, make giggle-inducing comics and zines, showcase your artistic skills and much more. Includes links to specially selected websites for inspiration, hints and tips.
96 pages
8.1 x 9.4in
Spiral bound ISBN:
Publication Date:
December 2023
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Sarah Hull
Sarah grew up in London, then studied German and Fine Art in Oxford and Hamburg. She joined Usborne after working at Profile Books and Thames and Hudson, and now spends her time writing about art, investigating germs and devising ways for children to stave off boredom - all the important things, basically.

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Write and Design Your Own Magazines