Wild Animals Magic Painting Book

Sam Baer

Age: 3+


Series: Magic Painting Books

Wild Animals Magic Painting Book

By: Sam Baer

Illustrated by Laura Tavazzi

Series : Magic Painting Books

Age 3+


Packed with fascinating scenes showing tigers, turtles, penguins, flamingos and other amazing animals in their natural habitats. Simply brush water over the black and white designs to reveal an array of glorious colors.
32 pages
8.5 x 9.9in
Paperback ISBN:
Publication Date:
November 2023
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Sam Baer
Sam Baer grew up on the tiny island of Jersey before setting off on adventures in not-quite-so-tiny England. Since 2011, he's been writing books about everything from imps and elves to Victorian fashion. It's a dream job (almost as good as being a superhero).

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Wild Animals Magic Painting Book