Usborne Book and Jigsaw Planet Earth

Sam Smith

Age: 6+


Series: Usborne Book and Jigsaw

Usborne Book and Jigsaw Planet Earth

By: Sam Smith

Illustrated by The Boy Fitz Hammond

Series : Usborne Book and Jigsaw

Age 6+

Coming September 2024

This beautifully illustrated, informative book and jigsaw set is a perfect way for children to learn all about our wonderful planet. Kids can have hours of fun piecing together the 300-piece puzzle, and the book is packed full of appealing illustrations and fascinating facts about all kinds of environments on Earth, from mountains to deserts, plus information about issues such as climate change.
16 pages
10.4 x 9.6in
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Publication Date:
September 2024
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Sam Smith
Sam grew up in Buckinghamshire, falling off various bicycles before reading books and making up his own stories about more competent heroes. After studying English at Cambridge University, he joined Usborne in 2013, and now writes titles ranging from fold-out solar systems to maze books full of swashbuckling pirates. Sometimes, Sam cycles to work.

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Usborne Book and Jigsaw Planet Earth