Travel Pencil and Paper Games

Kate Nolan

Age: 6+


Series: Usborne Minis

Travel Pencil and Paper Games

By: Kate Nolan

Illustrated by Jordan Wray

Series : Usborne Minis

Age 6+


Coming January 2025

This little book is packed with quick, entertaining games for two players. Each game can be completed in the book with just a pen or pencil, so it's perfect for keeping children occupied on the go. Games like Xs and Os, squares, and four-in-a-row, also test children's logic and ingenuity as they play.
24 pages
4.3 x 5.9in
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Publication Date:
January 2025
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Kate Nolan
Kate grew up in the Cotswolds and now lives in the West Midlands, where she worked as a primary school teacher before joining Usborne in 2019. Since then, she has worked on books on all sorts of topics, from airports and trucks to unicorns and butterflies.

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Travel Pencil and Paper Games