Travel Activity Book

Lucy Bowman and Rebecca Gilpin

Age: 6+


Series: Activity Book

Travel Activity Book

By: Lucy Bowman, Rebecca Gilpin

Illustrated by Various

Series : Activity Book

Age 6+


This exciting activity book will take you on an adventure around the world by air, road, rail, river and sea. Guide a bullet train through the landscape of Japan, complete pictures of macaws from the Amazon Rainforest and spot some unexpected visitors among the Roman ruins. There are maps to decorate, postcards to color in and lots of inventive puzzles.
64 pages
8.5 x 10.9in
Paperback ISBN:
Publication Date:
May 2024
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Lucy Bowman
Lucy Bowman grew up in a village in Cheshire, where she spent her time having adventures outdoors or reading about them in books. She completed a degree in American Studies and joined Usborne to write books on all kinds of topics, from Antarctica to space to games and puzzles.

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Travel Activity Book