The Usborne Teen Survival Guide

Caroline Young

Age: 11+


Series: Usborne Life Skills

The Usborne Teen Survival Guide

By: Caroline Young

Illustrated by The Boy Fitz Hammond, Laura Wood

Series : Usborne Life Skills

Age 11+


Coming January 2025

The teenage years can be a turbulent time, and managing the pressures of school, friendships, puberty and family life is tricky for many young people. This book takes an honest look at some of these issues, and offers plenty of tips and suggestions to help teenagers cope with anxiety and stress. Many aspects of self-care are explored, including eating well, sleeping enough, doing things you enjoy and socializing. There's guidance for managing social media too, and a 'happy, healthy life plan' to take forward. In a time of many pressures on young people, this book offers both insight, and sound friendly advice.
288 pages
5.1 x 7.8in
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January 2025
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Caroline Young
Caroline read English at Cambridge University and taught English in Greece and the UK before joining Usborne as a writer and editor. She has written books about a huge variety of subjects, for all ages, and believes it's one of the best jobs in the world. Caroline lives and works on Anglesey in North Wales.

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