See Inside The Future

Tom Cheesewright

Age: 7+


Series: See Inside

See Inside The Future

By: Tom Cheesewright

Illustrated by Jason Solo, Sr Salme

Series : See Inside, FutureWorld

Age 7+


Coming November 2024

Futurologist Tom Cheesewright takes readers on a tour of our world, decades into the future. Eight scenes show you what wonders await in our cities, our landscapes, inside our own bodies and of course in the expanse of outer space. Lift the flaps to find out what new things we'll be able to do, how new technology will work, and what changes we can expect about the way we live.
There'll be virtual assistants to answer all our questions and guide us. There'll be all sorts of gear we can put on to let us explore the oceans and the skies closer than ever before. Gigantic new structures will straddle land and ocean, with soaring elevators that can carry us all the way to space. Engineers will find ways to help people live on Mars, or explore the galaxy. Tiny robotic pills can monitor our health from the inside, and keep us alive for longer. The Future is a place of great hope and excitement, and it's closer than you dare to dream...

16 pages
11.1 x 8.7in
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November 2024
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Tom Cheesewright
Tom is a futurist. He helps people to think more clearly about the future. To imagine new possibilities, see opportunities, and avert threats. He spends his time reading, researching and imagining, telling stories about tomorrow, and teaching others how to do the same.

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