Step inside Science: Weather

Rob Lloyd Jones

Age: 5+


Series: Step Inside Science

Step inside Science: Weather

By: Rob Lloyd Jones

Illustrated by Teresa Bellon

Series : Step Inside Science

Age 5+


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Find out how weather works in this fun and friendly book. Learn why it rains and snows, and the fascinating science that cause thunder and lightning and hurricanes and rainbows.
14 pages
7.8 x 8.7in
Hardback (direct sales) ISBN:
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July 2023
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Rob Lloyd Jones
Rob studied Egyptology at university, but never thought he'd do much with it. Since joining Usborne in 2005, he's written loads of books about Ancient Egypt, and on topics ranging from space to the story of Islam. He is also the author of several award-winning historical adventure novels, and a hopeless cook.

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Step inside Science: Weather