Pop-Up Birds

Laura Cowan

Age: 5+


Series: Pop-Ups

Pop-Up Birds

By: Laura Cowan

Illustrated by Giulia Lombardo

Series : Pop-Ups

Age 5+

From hovering hummingbirds and dancing pink flamingos, to diving penguins and owls spreading their wings before your very eyes, birds fly off the page in this gorgeous pop-up book. Lyrically written and informative, this book is a delight to read aloud, introducing a lovely selection of birds in a wonderful, memorable way.
10 pages
7.4 x 7.4in
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Publication Date:
November 2023
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Laura Cowan
Laura studied literature twice at university, so she's read a lot of books (always helpful when writing them). Before joining Usborne, she taught English in Barcelona, Dublin and Cambridge. She now lives in East London, where she regrets the lack of sun and sea.

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Pop-Up Birds