Pop-Up Animals

Anna Milbourne

Age: 5+


Series: Pop-Ups

Pop-Up Animals

By: Anna Milbourne

Illustrated by Richard Johnson

Series : Pop-Ups

Age 5+


Coming August 2024

Immerse yourself in five different animal scenes from all around the world in this gorgeous pop-up book. Ingenious paper engineering brings Richard Johnson's adorable animals springing from the pages - with actual movements. Tigers prowl and monkeys swing, pandas play, a turtle flicks its flippers to glide over a coral reef, and tall giraffes raise their heads right out of the book!
10 pages
7.4 x 7.4in
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August 2024
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Anna Milbourne
Growing up on the Wirral and in Germany, Anna wrote plays about talking animals, and stories about naughty children, and drew on every available surface. After school, she did an Art Foundation course, then a degree in German Literature and Philosophy at Oxford University. In 1998 she found her perfect job at Usborne in London, writing about everything from curious penguins to trips to the Moon.

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Pop-Up Animals