Peek Inside how a Fire Truck works

Lara Bryan

Age: 3+


Series: Peek Inside

Peek Inside how a Fire Truck works

By: Lara Bryan

Illustrated by Caroline Attia

Series : Peek Inside

Age 3+


Nee naw, nee naw! The fire truck is here to save the day. Peek into the cab, roll out the hoses and slide out the ladder to find out how it works. Truck-obsessed toddlers will love all the details to spot, flaps to lift and holes to peek through. An exciting introduction to some of the people who help us.
14 pages
6.4 x 7.8in
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Publication Date:
May 2024
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Lara Bryan
Lara has loved books since the days of being read bedtime stories by her Irish dad and French mum. At school she set up a secondhand bookshop called Books Change Lives, and went on to study English and Italian at Oxford University. After teaching in Italy and Myanmar, she got her dream job as a writer for Usborne Publishing. From explaining how economics works, to inventing boredom-busting activities, to telling a good dragon yarn, she's enjoyed every minute of the job.

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Peek Inside how a Fire Truck works