Moses in the basket

Russell Punter

Age: 2+


Series: Little Board Books

Moses in the basket

By: Russell Punter

Illustrated by Barbara Bongini

Series : Little Board Books

Age 2+


Coming January 2025

Moses' mother tries to save her son from danger by hiding him amongst the bulrushes of the Nile. Luckily, he's discovered by the kindly Pharaoh's daughter. The much-loved Bible story is charmingly retold with delightful illustrations by Barbara Bongini. A QR code provides a link to an audio recording of the story.
22 pages
5.7 x 5.7in
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January 2025
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Russell Punter
Russell Punter was born in Bedfordshire, England. From an early age he enjoyed writing and illustrating his own stories. He trained as a graphic designer at art college in West Sussex before entering the world of publishing. He has written over one hundred books for children of all ages, ranging from original stories to adaptations of classic novels.

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