Look Inside a Zoo

Minna Lacey

Age: 5+


Series: Look Inside

Look Inside a Zoo

By: Minna Lacey

Illustrated by Maribel Lechuga

Series : Look Inside

Age 5+


Become a zoo keeper for the day, and discover all the things that go on behind the scenes at a zoo. Prepare food for hundreds of animals, clean out their enclosures, take them to the zoo vet for a check up and even watch brand new baby animals being born. With lots of flaps to lift and gorgeous illustrations, this is the perfect introduction to life in a zoo for young readers.
14 pages
7.9 x 8.8in
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Publication Date:
February 2024
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Minna Lacey
Since joining Usborne, Minna has written books on everything from pirates and gladiators to jungles and oceans. She studied Maths and Philosophy at university and previously worked as a journalist and illustrator in London, Bogota and New York. In her spare time, she loves writing stories, drawing and playing the guitar.

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Look Inside a Zoo