Can you Spot? Animals

Kirsteen Robson

Age: 4+


Series: Look and Find Puzzles

Can you Spot? Animals

By: Kirsteen Robson

Illustrated by Gareth Lucas

Series : Look and Find Puzzles, Can you Spot?

Age 4+


Coming November 2024

Look for a pirate parrot, a croc wearing socks, and a kangaroo carrying a cake. This lively book is packed with all kinds of animals to spot, match and count and there's a little white mouse hiding in every picture. Simple text and picture prompts direct specific searches and there are plenty of other delightful details to find and talk about.
32 pages
6.8 x 9.5in
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Publication Date:
November 2024
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Kirsteen Robson
Kirsteen Robson joined Usborne in 1997 with a background in music, education, and Christian publishing. She has written and edited over 300 Usborne titles, from dictionaries and encyclopedias to activity books with flaps, stickers and sounds. She loves the challenge of writing about anything from aardvarks to zombies.

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Can you Spot? Animals