Little First Stickers Mermaids

Holly Bathie

Age: 3+


Series: Little First Stickers

Little First Stickers Mermaids

By: Holly Bathie

Illustrated by Addy Rivera Sonda

Series : Little First Stickers

Age 3+


Join a group of mermaid friends as they swim in a lagoon, get ready for Princess Coralie's birthday party, dance in the underwater palace and lots more. With over 200 stickers of mermaids, sea creatures and shells to bring the magical scenes to life.
32 pages
Additional details:
With 8 pages of stickers
7.1 x 9.4in
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Publication Date:
July 2023
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Holly Bathie
Holly Bathie grew up in Devon, where she spent all her time reading. Until the age of seven she wanted to be an acrobat, a lollipop lady, a lawyer or a comedienne. Then she decided on the best job: creating Usborne books. She lives and works in Oxford.

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Little First Stickers Mermaids