Little First Stickers Cats and Kittens

Caroline Young

Age: 3+


Series: Little First Stickers

Little First Stickers Cats and Kittens

By: Caroline Young

Illustrated by Nicole Standard

Series : Little First Stickers

Age 3+


Coming August 2024

Children can add the cute cats and kittens to settings such as a farm, a vets and a cat café to bring each scene to life. The gorgeous stickers show a wide variety of cat breeds from fluffy Persians to sleek Siamese, all shown playing, snoozing and feeding and generally enjoying being the furry stars of every page.
32 pages
6.7 x 9.4in
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August 2024
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Caroline Young
Caroline read English at Cambridge University and taught English in Greece and the UK before joining Usborne as a writer and editor. She has written books about a huge variety of subjects, for all ages, and believes it's one of the best jobs in the world. Caroline lives and works on Anglesey in North Wales.

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Little First Stickers Cats and Kittens