Little First Stickers Animals

Kristie Pickersgill

Age: 3+


Series: Little First Stickers

Little First Stickers Animals

Kristie Pickersgill

Illustrated by Gareth Lucas

Age 3+

Explore the wonderful world of animals, from the jungles of South America to the plains of Africa. With over 160 stickers of kangaroos, koalas, walruses, whales and many more wild animals to bring the vibrant scenes to life.
32 pages
6.7 x 9.5in
Paperback ISBN:
Publication Date:
November 2023
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Kristie Pickersgill
Kristie Pickersgill was born and raised in Yorkshire, where she developed a love of animals, nature and the great outdoors. After studying Chemistry at the University of York, she worked as a school lab technician before making the leap into educational publishing.

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Little First Stickers Animals