Little Children's Spot the Difference Book

Mary Cartwright

Age: 2+


Series: Little Children's

Little Children's Spot the Difference Book

By: Mary Cartwright

Illustrated by Luana Rinaldo

Series : Little Children's

Age 2+


Coming March 2025

This spot-the-difference book will engage little ones for hours as they pore over the puzzles on every page. Delightful illustrations include all kinds of characters, such as pink poodles, ice-skating flamingos, and even astronaut koalas. The differences to spot are both simple and surprising, playing with pattern and shape in ways that young children can easily understand: sandcastles turn into snowmen, hats become crowns and faces become pineapples. Each puzzle takes the reader on an exciting journey, from the bottom of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space - via more familiar settings, like the park or the local pool.
48 pages
7.9 x 8.3in
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March 2025
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Little Children's Spot the Difference Book