Lift-the-flap Strongest, Cleverest, Deadliest…

Darran Stobbart and Lan Cook

Age: 7+


Series: See Inside

Lift-the-flap Strongest, Cleverest, Deadliest…

By: Darran Stobbart, Lan Cook

Illustrated by Dominique Byron, Mike Mottram

Series : See Inside

Age 7+


In this stylish follow-up to 'Lift-the-Flap Biggest, Fastest, Tallest', readers can find out what the strongest, deadliest, fiercest, cleverest, hottest, coldest, smelliest and weirdest things are. Ideal for children who want the information but are daunted by the sheer size and word count of other 'Records' books. There are facts about all kinds of animals, amazing achievements by people around the world, the most impressive computers and robots, and even the most powerful forces in the known universe.
16 pages
8.7 x 11.1in
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Publication Date:
December 2023
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Darran Stobbart
Darran spent a decade as children's bookseller in Durham. He studied crime scene and forensic science at university. It's handier than you'd expect. He collects useless facts, and writes about lots of subjects - especially science. He is passionate about stories, music, and will talk about octopuses at great length.

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Lan Cook
Lan joined Usborne after working as a bookseller. She absolutely loves learning about anything and everything. She has lived in China, attempted to create the perfect aquarium biotope, studied Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Cambridge University, and can hit an archery target from 100 feet away. Lan has always loved collecting knowledge and as many weird facts as possible, so working for Usborne really is a dream job!

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Lift-the-flap Strongest, Cleverest, Deadliest…