I'm Not (Very) Afraid of the Dark

Anna Milbourne

Age: 3+


Series: I'm Not Very

I'm Not (Very) Afraid of the Dark

By: Anna Milbourne

Illustrated by Daniel Reiley

Series : I'm Not Very

Age 3+


Coming December 2024

When the sun goes down, the Dark stretches out. The Dark can be scary, but it can be other things too - it depends on how you see it... This gorgeous picture book tells the story of a little boy's fear of the Dark. Ingenious holes cut in the illustrations help to explore his feelings. When he goes camping with his dad, he discovers that it's only when it's really Dark that you can see all the beautiful stars. Maybe the Dark isn't so bad after all... This friendly, heartwarming story with a wonderful, cut-out starry sky, is a comforting, helpful book to share with young children.
24 pages
9.3 x 11.7in
Hardback ISBN:
Publication Date:
December 2024
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Anna Milbourne
Growing up on the Wirral and in Germany, Anna wrote plays about talking animals, and stories about naughty children, and drew on every available surface. After school, she did an Art Foundation course, then a degree in German Literature and Philosophy at Oxford University. In 1998 she found her perfect job at Usborne in London, writing about everything from curious penguins to trips to the Moon.

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The UKLA Book Awards 2021


British Book Design and Production Award 2021

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I'm Not (Very) Afraid of the Dark