How It Works: Sound

Victoria Williams

Age: 7+


Series: How It Works

How It Works: Sound

By: Victoria Williams

Illustrated by Paulina Morgan

Series : How It Works

Age 7+


Coming October 2024

Sssh, listen... what can you hear? From musical harmonies to sonic booms, discover the science of sound and how we hear things. Why is most of space completely silent? Why does a recording of your voice sound strange? And what do bats, dolphins and a boat full of scientists have in common? The answers are all in this book, with lots of flaps to lift and simple experiments to do at home.
16 pages
8.7 x 11.1in
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October 2024
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Victoria Williams
Victoria (Vicky to almost everyone) has degrees in Evolutionary Biology and Science Communication, and loves writing about the weird and wonderful world. When she's not writing or reading, you'll probably find her walking, dancing, gaming, watching wildlife or baking a cake.

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How It Works: Sound