First Sticker Book Planet Earth

Kristie Pickersgill

Age: 3+


Series: First Sticker Books

First Sticker Book Planet Earth

By: Kristie Pickersgill

Illustrated by Anna Mongay Monteso

Series : First Sticker Books

Age 3+


Discover the many wonders Planet Earth has to offer in this inviting sticker book. Travel to dusty deserts, the icy Arctic and lush tropical rainforests to find out about the incredible plants and animals that live there. Add over 150 stickers to bring the scenes to life.
32 pages
8.5 x 10.9in
Paperback ISBN:
Publication Date:
March 2024
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Kristie Pickersgill
Kristie Pickersgill was born and raised in Yorkshire, where she developed a love of animals, nature and the great outdoors. After studying Chemistry at the University of York, she worked as a school lab technician before making the leap into educational publishing.

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First Sticker Book Planet Earth