First Sticker Book Feelings

Holly Bathie

Age: 3+


Series: First Sticker Books

First Sticker Book Feelings

By: Holly Bathie

Illustrated by Joanne Partis

Series : First Sticker Books

Age 3+


All sorts of emotions are explored in this delightfully illustrated sticker book, including feeling excited, worried, embarrassed or jealous at a party, sports day or on a day out. There's plenty of descriptive vocabulary for children to learn along the way, along with ideas about how to stay calm and manage difficult feelings.
32 pages
8.6 x 10.9in
Paperback ISBN:
Publication Date:
June 2023
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Holly Bathie
Holly Bathie grew up in Devon, where she spent all her time reading. Until the age of seven she wanted to be an acrobat, a lollipop lady, a lawyer or a comedienne. Then she decided on the best job: creating Usborne books. She lives and works in Oxford.

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First Sticker Book Feelings