First Sticker Book Families

Holly Bathie and Alice Beecham

Age: 3+


Series: First Sticker Books

First Sticker Book Families

By: Holly Bathie, Alice Beecham

Illustrated by Joanne Partis

Series : First Sticker Books

Age 3+


Coming November 2024

This delightfully illustrated sticker book introduces children to all sorts of family structures and activities, including how families are formed, where they live, how they might celebrate and what they might do together. Children will enjoy identifying families similar to theirs while also learning about families that are different from their own. Introduces the concept of family trees and lots of vocabulary to do with family diversity.
32 pages
8.5 x 10.9in
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November 2024
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Holly Bathie
Holly Bathie grew up in Devon, where she spent all her time reading. Until the age of seven she wanted to be an acrobat, a lollipop lady, a lawyer or a comedienne. Then she decided on the best job: creating Usborne books. She lives and works in Oxford.

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Alice Beecham
Alice Beecham was born and raised in Australia, where she studied Writing at the University of Canberra. She came to the UK to complete her degree and decided to stick around. When she's not writing, Alice likes to bake, play boardgames and go to the theatre.

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