First Encyclopedia of the Human Body

Fiona Chandler

Age: 5+


Series: First Encyclopedias

First Encyclopedia of the Human Body

By: Fiona Chandler

Illustrated by David Hancock

Series : First Encyclopedias

Age 5+


Coming March 2025

A fact-packed, beautifully illustrated, all-round introduction to the human body and how it works. Full of extraordinary photographs, detailed diagrams, stunning scans, x-rays and microscope images of the human body. Engaging text and clear, simple explanations of all the main bodily functions. Includes amazing facts, a glossary of body words, a comprehensive index and internet links to recommended websites at Usborne Quicklinks.
64 pages
8.8 x 11.0in
Hardback ISBN:
Publication Date:
March 2025
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Fiona Chandler
Fiona Chandler (1965 - 2008) was a Senior Editor and writer at Usborne Publishing who studied French and German at Cambridge University and worked as a teacher before joining the company in 1995. She worked on a wide range of titles including history encyclopedias, books for learning languages, Young Reading and parenting guides.

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First Encyclopedia of the Human Body