Build Your Own Trucks Sticker Book

Simon Tudhope

Age: 4+


Series: Build Your Own Sticker Book

Build Your Own Trucks Sticker Book

By: Simon Tudhope

Illustrated by John Shirley

Series : Build Your Own Sticker Book

Age 4+


Readers can complete their own monster truck, army truck, fire truck and many more by adding sticker wheels, headlights and mirrors. With 10 pages of colorful stickers, this book will keep children entertained for hours! Full of the largest, loudest, and most powerful trucks.
44 pages
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With 10 pages of stickers
9.4 x 12.0in
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July 2023
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Simon Tudhope
Before joining Usborne, Simon worked in Moscow as sports editor for a local paper. These days he writes about things that aren't actually real, but are very important nevertheless. Mysteries and monsters and impossible quests in faraway realms that you won't find on any map. All the sort of stuff he loved as a child, basically. (And still does.)

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Build Your Own Trucks Sticker Book