Big Book of Big Dinosaurs

Alex Frith

Age: 4+


Series: Big Books

Big Book of Big Dinosaurs

By: Alex Frith

Illustrated by Fabiano Fiorin

Series : Big Books

Age 4+


Coming November 2024

For the younger fact-fan, this book depicts and describes nearly 100 different dinosaurs, pterosaurs, ichthysaurs and other prehistoric creatures. The emphasis is on SIZE: how big, tall and heavy were these creatures? Which was the biggest (and smallest) of all?

Each page has either two giant folding flaps, to reveal more dinosaurs underneath, or a 4-page concertina-fold pull-out, to reveal the very LONGEST creatures, on land and under the sea.

Watch out for the life-size (young) T. rex footprint - big enough for young readers to fit their own foot inside!

16 pages
9.7 x 11.7in
Hardback ISBN:
Publication Date:
November 2024
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Alex Frith
Alex Frith has been writing Usborne books since 2005. His diverse output covers such titles as 'See inside Your Head', 'Stories of Thor' and 'Politics for Beginners'. He has spoken at multiple festivals about his book '100 Things to Know About Space'. Alex can be found in London.

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