24 Hours in Antarctica

Andy Prentice

Age: 7+


Series: 24 Hours In...

24 Hours in Antarctica

By: Andy Prentice

Illustrated by Laurent Kling

Series : 24 Hours In...

Age 7+

Coming November 2024

Join a friendly mechanic for a day working on a research base and out on the ice. Learn about the challenges of surviving in the Antarctic, explore the incredible landscape and meet the local wildlife, as you discover all the amazing and important science that is being done down in the South Pole.
64 pages
7.6 x 10.1in
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Publication Date:
November 2024
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Andy Prentice
Ever since he read the Spy's Guidebook when he was eight, Andy has wanted to write books for Usborne. He's very happy that he got to fulfill his dream. As well as writing books and stories for Usborne, Andy has published several fantasy novels about demons and dark magic. He likes playing board games and making up imaginary worlds.

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Laurent Kling

Laurent Kling started his career as an illustrator in the 2000s. He works mainly for young people, where he is called upon to make historic or scientific subjects more fun, and his clients have included Bayard, Fleurus, Milan and Larousse Actes Sud. He has also had comic books published in Canada by Editions de la Pastèque.

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All told in comic panels, the information is interesting and easy to digest.

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