The Usborne Chess Book

Lucy Bowman

Age: 6+


The Usborne Chess Book

Lucy Bowman

Illustrated by Candice Whatmore

Age 6+

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A fun, write-in book packed with brain-teasing puzzles, useful facts and clever tips that show how to play chess and improve your game. Some of the puzzles are answered using chess-piece stickers and all the answers are at the back of the book. Simple puzzles show how to use the pieces, with more tricky puzzles on tactics and checkmates.
72 pages
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8 pages of stickers
8.0 x 9.6in
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Publication Date:
August 2016
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Lucy Bowman
Lucy Bowman grew up in a village in Cheshire, where she spent her time having adventures outdoors or reading about them in books. She completed a degree in American Studies and joined Usborne to write books on all kinds of topics, from Antarctica to space to games and puzzles.

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The Usborne Chess Book