First Wipe-Clean Numbers 1 to 20

Jessica Greenwell

Age: 3+


Series: First Wipe-Clean

First Wipe-Clean Numbers 1 to 20

Jessica Greenwell

Illustrated by Ailie Busby

Age 3+


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Perfect preparation for starting school, this fun book helps children develop pen control and practice essential math skills taught in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Engaging activities and friendly animals help build confidence in counting to 20, number recognition and number formation. Parents' notes suggest how to support children's learning, and a fold-out number formation page can be left open as children work through the book.
24 pages
8.5 x 10.9in
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January 2021
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Jessica Greenwell
Jessica Greenwell grew up in Wolverhampton then studied English at Leeds University. She joined Usborne in 2008 and has since written lots of wipe-clean, sticker, colouring and noisy books. She lives in Oxfordshire with her husband and three young children.

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First Wipe-Clean Numbers 1 to 20