100 Paper Dragons to fold and fly

Sam Baer

Age: 6+


Series: Fold and Fly

100 Paper Dragons to fold and fly

By: Sam Baer

Illustrated by Andy Elkerton

Series : Fold and Fly

Age 6+


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100 decorated tear-out sheets to fold into dragon-themed paper gliders, including fearsome fire-breathers, many-headed monsters, scaly sea serpents, a mechanical dragon and lots more. Includes detailed folding instructions for four different types of dragon, from Razorwing to Skyskimmer the glider, in the fold-out front cover of the book. With dragon master challenges to test the dragons’ accuracy, distance and endurance.
200 pages
6.9 x 8.7in
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Publication Date:
October 2015
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Sam Baer
Sam Baer grew up on the tiny island of Jersey before setting off on adventures in not-quite-so-tiny England. Since 2011, he's been writing books about everything from imps and elves to Victorian fashion. It's a dream job (almost as good as being a superhero).

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100 Paper Dragons to fold and fly