Looking After Your Mental Health

Louie Stowell and Alice James

Age: 11+


Series: Usborne Life Skills

Looking After Your Mental Health

By: Louie Stowell, Alice James

Illustrated by Nancy Leschnikoff

Series : Usborne Life Skills

Age 11+

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We talk about our physical health - but not so much about how we’re feeling. With lots of practical advice, this lively, accessible guide explains why we have emotions, and what can influence them. Covering everything from friendships, social media and bullying to divorce, depression and eating disorders, this is an essential book for young people.
272 pages
198 x 130mm
Paperback ISBN:
Key Stage:
KS3, KS4
Publication Date:
May 2018
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Louie Stowell
Louie Stowell has written dozens of non-fiction and stories for Usborne, on everything from space science and coding to the human body and politics. After working as an author/editor for Usborne, she went on to be an Editorial Director at Ladybird, Penguin Random House. She is author of the bestselling Loki novels.

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Alice James
Alice James joined Usborne after working in primary schools for a while. She absolutely loves science, and over the years has lived with chimps, spent a month in the rainforest, studied Biology at Oxford University, and grown 200 carnivorous plants (not necessarily in that order). Whilst at Usborne Alice has worked on books on all kinds of science topics, from space to energy to the periodic table.

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SLA Information Book Award 2019


The CILIP Carnegie Medal 2019

A safe and accessible guide to raise awareness of mental health. With expert advice from consultants from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 'Looking After Your Mental Health' is a funny and gentle introduction to topics like the science of anger, handling toxic friendships, sex and relationships, and how to manage social media whilst staying mentally healthy.

Parent Talk

A super helpful book about feelings, stress, anxiety and how to look after your mental health. Discover what can influence your emotions, how to identify and navigate challenges that might affect your mental health and, most importantly, how not to be afraid to talk about mental health.

WRD About Books Magazine

an ideal introduction to mental health awareness for the young teen

Irish Times

This timely and wise book is full of good advice without preaching or making judgments and offers a warm and sensible helping hand to youngsters who want a reliable guide to navigate them through the challenges that could affect their mental health. […] With lots of practical advice, a glossary at the back to explain some of the words and terms used in the book, and ‘quick links’ to discover lots more useful resources online, this lively guide is an essential book for all growing youngsters.

Lancashire Evening Post

This book empowers youngsters with honest advice about ways of looking after their mental health in a fast-moving world.

Sharon Jones, City Kids Magazine

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This resource pack focuses upon recognizing and understanding feelings and can be used with children from EYFS through to KS2.

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The Usborne Unworry Pack is a collection of fun, mindful activities to help children and adults UNWORRY.


It's full of things to calm you down and distract you, and places where you can put your worries, instead of letting them hang around in your head.

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Looking After Your Mental Health