One Little Seed

Lesley Sims

Age: 3+

RRP  £6.99

Series: Life Cycles

One Little Seed

By: Lesley Sims

Illustrated by Kaly Quarles

Series : Life Cycles

Age 3+

RRP  £6.99

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This delightful book follows the journey of a seed dropped from a bird, as it takes root, sprouts and starts to grow. Watch it stretch up... and up to the sky, becoming a brilliant yellow sunflower. Cleverly designed holes on every page encourage interaction as readers guess what is waiting overleaf. Specially written for little children, this is a perfect introduction to the wonders of nature - and may even encourage budding gardeners.
14 pages
198 x 166mm
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May 2024
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Lesley Sims
Lesley dreamed of being a writer, but studied law as her mother insisted she had "something to fall back on". Since joining Usborne Publishing, she has written and edited hundreds of books, from funny rhyming stories to an award-winning history book. Nowadays, she is often found recording books, too, in Usborne's very own recording studio.

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One Little Seed
RRP  £6.99