First Questions & Answers: Why do we need worms?

Katie Daynes

Age: 4+

RRP  £9.99

Series: First Questions and Answers

First Questions & Answers: Why do we need worms?

By: Katie Daynes

Illustrated by Moesha Kellaway

Series : First Questions and Answers

Age 4+

RRP  £9.99

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Worms are so much more than wiggly minibeasts. This bold, bright and brilliant book delves underground, discovering what worms do all day (and night), exploring a wonderful world of microbes, plant roots and creepy crawlies, and revealing the crucial role they all play in making soil just right for plants to grow.
12 pages
222 x 198mm
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May 2024
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Katie Daynes
Katie has been writing non-fiction children's books for almost half her life and loves questioning the world from a child's point of view. She's developed some of Usborne's bestselling series, including the See Inside books and Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers. When she's not writing, she likes drinking coffee, walking on the moors and playing competitive board games with her children.

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A wild and wonderful wiggle underground through twelve exciting pages of fun and flaps!

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First Questions & Answers: Why do we need worms?
RRP  £9.99