Lucy Bowman

Age: 4+


Series: Beginners


By: Lucy Bowman

Illustrated by Natalie Hinrichsen

Series : Beginners

Age 4+

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From the tops of the trees to the forest floor, this book is full of some of the weird and wonderful things that live in rainforests. But the world's rainforests are in danger - find out why and what will happen if people don't change the things they do.
32 pages
210 x 156mm
Hardback ISBN:
Accelerated Reader Book Level:
Accelerated Reader Interest Level:
Lower years (LY)
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Key Stage:
Publication Date:
August 2008
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1 In the rainforest

2 Towering trees

3 Canopy climbers

4 In the understorey

5 On the ground

6 Getting about

7 Big beasts

8 After dark

9 Smelly plants

10 Beaky birds

11 Rainforest rivers

12 Rich rainforests

13 Tropical tribes

14 Ruining rainforests

15 Glossary

16 Websites to visit

17 Index

Lucy Bowman
Lucy Bowman grew up in a village in Cheshire, where she spent her time having adventures outdoors or reading about them in books. She completed a degree in American Studies and joined Usborne to write books on all kinds of topics, from Antarctica to space to games and puzzles.

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