Fold-Out Timeline of Planet Earth

Rachel Firth

Age: 7+


Series: Fold-Out Timeline

Fold-Out Timeline of Planet Earth

By: Rachel Firth

Illustrated by Daniel Long

Series : Fold-Out Timeline

Age 7+

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From the Big Bang to the present day, discover the wonders of our ever-changing planet as you fold out this brightly illustrated book. Then turn it over to find out how, through billions of years of volcanic eruptions, ice ages and mass extinctions, life on Earth has emerged.
16 pages
277.4 x 170.8mm
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Publication Date:
February 2022
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Rachel Firth
Rachel spent 11 years studying and teaching philosophy at the universities of London and Oxford before joining Usborne. Since then she has written books on subjects ranging from knights, to food, to philosophy, as well as retelling folk stories, and writing children's versions of numerous novels.

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Fold-Out Timeline of Planet Earth