Forgotten Fairy Tales: Clever Molly

Rosie Dickins

Age: 5+


Series: Young Reading Series 1

Forgotten Fairy Tales: Clever Molly

By: Rosie Dickins

Illustrated by Alessandra Santelli

Series : Young Reading Series 1, Forgotten Fairy Tales

Age 5+

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Molly and her sisters meet a wicked giant who wants to eat them. Molly’s quick thinking saves them… but to defeat the giant forever, Molly will have to return and steal three magical treasures. Based on an old Scottish tale, sometimes known as Molly Whuppie.
48 pages
204.5 x 145.5mm
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Lower years (LY)
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Publication Date:
October 2020
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Rosie Dickins
Rosie Dickins grew up in England and Hong Kong. An avid reader, she always loved dreaming up her own stories. After studying literature at Oxford University, art in Paris and plenty of travelling, she settled in London, where she works for Usborne Publishing. She has written over a hundred children's books, from award-winning information books to fiction.

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