Tiny the Secret Adventurer: Friends to the Rescue

Aisha Bushby

Age: 6+


Series: Tiny, the Secret Adventurer

Tiny the Secret Adventurer: Friends to the Rescue

By: Aisha Bushby

Illustrated by Kübra Teber

Series : Tiny, the Secret Adventurer

Age 6+

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You don't have to be big to be brave!

Heart-warming adventures of friendship, courage and discovery, brought vividly to life with gorgeous illustrations by Kübra Teber. Ideal for younger readers.

When Tiny is picked up by a bird mistaking her for a worm, she's dropped into the school summer fair taking place in the middle of the playground. With so many people about this is a place filled with danger for Tiny.

Her animal friends try to rescue her, but their plans go horribly wrong. Will any of them get back to safety?

"Gorgeous...a very modern story with a wonderful inclusive message about caring for the world and those around you." Holly Webb

"Ideal for younger readers looking for adventure close to home." The Guardian

128 pages
198 x 130mm
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July 2024
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Aisha Bushby
Aisha Bushby was born in the Middle East and now lives in the UK. When she's not reading or writing stories for children, she likes playing cosy video games, watching animated films, and working on her miniature house. This series is her first for younger children.

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Tiny the Secret Adventurer: Friends to the Rescue