Sharing for Sheep

Age: 2+


Series: Good Behaviour Guides

Sharing for Sheep


Illustrated by Alison Friend

Series : Good Behaviour Guides

Age 2+

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A bright, engaging story to encourage sharing.

Did you know when you're not looking, sheep are knitting lots of things... from toys to scarves to mittens, to hats and woolly wings! But then, disaster strikes, when two competitive sheep discover they are knitting from the SAME ball of yarn. Sharing just might be the only way to save the day...

Sharing for Sheep is the fourth title in the Usborne Good Behaviour Guides series - fun stories that help to encourage kindness, empathy and positive behaviour.

32 pages
257.4 x 231.2mm
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November 2023
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Alison Friend

Alison has loved painting and drawing for as long as she can remember. Animals were always a favourite subject, and as a child she copied them obsessively from wildlife books and encyclopaedias.
Alison now lives in the beautiful Lake District. In her spare time she enjoys walking her dog in the fells, swimming in the lakes (when it's warm!) and falling asleep during really good films!

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