What Can I Do With Paper and Glue?

James Maclaine and Lizzie Cope

Age: 6+


Series: What Can I Do

What Can I Do With Paper and Glue?

By: James Maclaine, Lizzie Cope

Illustrated by Harriet Noble, Juliana Eigner

Series : What Can I Do

Age 6+

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Uncover this surprising and inspiring collection of things to make, play and do with all sorts of paper and glue.

Race paper dogs down a slope, fold giant butterflies from old wrapping paper and discover ways to hide and reveal messages in pieces of paper. Find out how to decorate paper with marbled patterns, turn two paper cups into a rotating time machine and discover the secret recipe for planets made from glue. And if you follow the templates and simple step-by-step instructions, you can cut, fold and stick together a shark that bends and thrashes its tail.

- Encourages imagination, creativity and calming concentration.
- Supports affordable fun as well as reuse and recycling at home.

48 pages
276 x 216mm
Paperback ISBN:
Key Stage:
KS1, KS2
Publication Date:
July 2024
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James Maclaine
James Maclaine has written books about meerkats, general knowledge and manners, come up with countless drawing, doodling and colouring ideas, and devised puzzles and things to do for a range of activity books. His Junior Illustrated Thesaurus is the book that he wishes he'd had as a child.

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Lizzie Cope
Lizzie grew up in Wiltshire, not far from Stonehenge - she has this to thank for her love of nature, legends and World Heritage sites. Now she lives in London, where she's written books about giraffes, oceans and plastic, and thought up lots of ideas for puzzles and activities, too.

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What Can I Do With Paper and Glue?