The Great Dodo Comeback

Fiona Sandiford

Age: 7+


The Great Dodo Comeback

By: Fiona Sandiford

Illustrated by Clare Elsom

Age 7+

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Dodos have been extinct for over 300 years. But what if they could be given another chance at life? Just imagine that!

Leni loves birds. So when two scientists arrive on her island home to try to de-extinct the dodo, she jumps at the chance to help. But Benny Shoober, the Sugar King, hates birds and loves growing sugar. He's determined that the dodo will be a no-show...

A fun, quirky and timely adventure with great conservation and ecological messages.

224 pages
198.5 x 140mm
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May 2020
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Fiona Sandiford
Fiona Sandiford is a teacher of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and has previously worked as a magazine journalist in both the UK and Australia. The Great Dodo Comeback is her first story for children.

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Clare Elsom

Clare Elsom is an illustrator of lots of popular children's books. She lives in Devon where she can be found drawing dodos, paddle boarding and having adventures with her young son.

This is a cracking adventure and an exciting debut, with a lovely element of magic about it.

Jo Simmons, author of I Swapped My Brother on the Internet

Teachers’ resources

Explore the key themes of conservationism and the environment through discussion questions and activities including writing a news bulletin, making your own forest and creating dodo merchandise – ideal for KS1.

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The Great Dodo Comeback