Supersquirrel and the Crazy Rain Maker

Russell Punter

Age: 6+


Series: Puzzle Stories

Supersquirrel and the Crazy Rain Maker

By: Russell Punter

Illustrated by Josh Cleland

Series : Puzzle Stories

Age 6+

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Solve the puzzles to help Supersquirrel save the world from disaster.

When a top secret formula is stolen, it's a job for Supersquirrel. Using her amazing superpowers, she tracks down the culprit, the ruthless Dr Drizzle, who has a plan to make a fortune. Help Supersquirrel to solve a variety of puzzles and put a stop to Dr Drizzle's evil scheme.

- Packed full of puzzles to solve as you read the story
- Simple text and comic strips make reading fun for beginner readers
- Perfect for shared reading as you work to solve the puzzles together
- Supersquirrel is the first in a series of puzzles stories featuring appealing animal superheroes

80 pages
196 x 130mm
Paperback ISBN:
Publication Date:
June 2024
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Russell Punter
Russell Punter was born in Bedfordshire, England. From an early age he enjoyed writing and illustrating his own stories. He trained as a graphic designer at art college in West Sussex before entering the world of publishing. He has written over one hundred books for children of all ages, ranging from original stories to adaptations of classic novels.

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Supersquirrel and the Crazy Rain Maker